2019/2020 FWA-Amerind Joint Exhibit Artists

“Cowboys at Work”

Bill Anton “Sequestered” (Oil)

Joe Beeler “Untitled” (Watercolor)

Hugh Cabot “Untitled” (Charcoal)

Rox Corbett “Chasing Rain” (Charcoal)

Todd Daniels “Minor Adjustment” (Watercolor)

John Fawcett “Rank and File” (Watercolor)

Frederick Hambly “Masters of the Range” (Oil)

C.L. Goldrick “Home by Suppertime” (Oil)

William Leigh “Sunset Cloud” (Oil)

George Magnan “Desert Refreshment” (Oil)

William Moyers “Wind and Rain” (Bronze)

Ruben Nieto “Sortin ‘Em Out” (Oil)

Charlie Paris “Untitled” (Charcoal)

George Phippen “Cowboy in a Storm” (Bronze)

Pete Plastow “Bring in the Horse Herd” (Oil)

Hollis Richardson “Break Time” (Oil)

Howard Rogers “Untitled” (Oil)

R.S. Riddick “Slicker Broke and Rain Soaked” (Oil)

Ross Stefan “Unknown Trail” (Oil)

Bill Shaddix “One Little Slow-Poke” (Oil)

Trish Stevenson “Two Iron Brand” (Oil)

Robert “Shoofly” Shufelt “All Day Strength of an Honest Horse” (Graphite) and “Study for Early O’clock” (Graphite)

Phil Starke “Adobe Barn” (Oil)

Michael Untiedt “El Camino-Three Riders” (Oil)

Melvin C. Warren “Up The Goodnight Trail” (Oil)

Olaf Wieghorst “On the Trail (Oil) and “Mountain Trail” (Oil)