Dear Friends of Western Art,

I want to sincerely thank you for your support of the Santa Cruz County 4H Fine Arts Program. In a day and age where art is being taken out of public school curriculum in order to focus passing state and federal mandated tests, it is a huge blessing for children to be able to find an outlet for their creativity though programs like 4H Fine Arts.  With your generous support I was able to teach and provide art supplies for 18 youth this year from the ages of 5-18. We mainly focused on drawing, painting, watercolor and color pencil. But some youth also developed a skill for artistic welding of metal as well. All in all it was a successful and fun year. Our Santa Cruz County Fair was September 19-21st and we had a large number of artistic master pieces entered. Once aging FWA came to my rescue when they braved to rainy weather of Sonoita to judge all of the entries and narrow the winners down to a Grand and Reserve Champion of Fine Arts in both JR (9-13 years of age)  and SR Divisions (14-18 years of age). From all of us in Santa Cruz County 4H we Thank You Friends of Western Art!!


Denise Purvis

4H Fine Arts Project Leader

Good Day.  My name is Elizabeth Shuler-Pointer and I had a dream.  This dream was to bring art to the elementary youth of southeastern Arizona. I started with my grand children and their friends and then their friends….   An artist friend informed me of Friends of Western Art.  They believed in the fact that our youth need art in their lives.  With their backing and support the Elfrida Art Center expanded to multiple classes as well as Home School group classes.   The support that I have received made the difference in the lives of the local youth.  the greatest gift a teacher can get is when the light of comprehension comes on in a young persons life.

I will always hold dear my association with Friends of Western Art

Thank You

Elizabeth Shuler-Pointer
Founder and Director

Dear Friends of Western Art,

Since the Altar Valley School District art program was first launched following the generous donation from Friends of Western Art, our students have shown significant growth. Not only have they developed art-based skills and knowledge, but have expanded their ability to think creatively and willingness to take steps outside of their comfort zones.  In short, they are becoming more well-round scholars.

Not only has the art program benefited the students, everyone is able to enjoy the fruits of their labors.  Each month, student art is displayed in the Governing Board meeting room where school personnel and members of the public may enjoy it.  It is a source of pride for us all.

Altar Valley School District will forever be indebted to Friends of Western Art for providing this opportunity to the students of Robles Elementary and Altar Valley Middle School. Without the gracious donation that started art education in our district we would all be lacking a sparkling facet of our curriculum . I do not know who said it, but there is a quote that comes to my mind when I think of how the art program has decorated our lives in Three Points: Without art earth would just be eh.

Thank you, Friends, for bestowing upon us the gift of art.


Dr. David Dumon