Fun at October 2021 FWA Annual BBQ Fundraiser!

Our 2021 FWA BBQ was held on Saturday, October 16th. Thank you to our 119 guests who helped us celebrate with good food, good music, good weather, and a good cause: 40 years of Friends of Western Art promoting awareness of the art of the American West by providing sponsorship and support to Western artists, artisans, educational programs, and art-related organizations in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

And a Special Thank You To...



Beth & Bob Fulfer


Jeanie & Hal Byrd


Arch and Laura Brown
Susan and Appy Chandler
Judy Flynn
FoR Fine Art Gallery
Melissa Fulton
Ron Gilson/Gilson Photo
Rick and Pam Kelty
Lawrence Lee and Beth Valenzuela
Nick and Candy Munson
Dave and Mary Parnell
Hank and Barb Peck
Darcie Peet
Norm and Becky Rebenstorf
Jim and Sandy Sheehan
Pat and Carol Swingle
Scott and Barbara Wood
Karen L. Young


Catherine Baron
Hal and Jeanie Byrd
Hugh and Jane Fletcher
Bob and Beth Fulfer
Melissa Fulton
Betsy Greene
Paul Hopman
Tabitha Ledbetter
Amy Merkel
Lawrence Lee and Beth Valenzuela
Sandi Moomey
Barb Peck
Becky Rebenstorf
Lloyd Sharo
Jim and Sandy Sheehan
Tula Thompson
Bob and addi Valentine

Assisted by Debbie Pageau and her crew (Bartending,
serving and clean up) and Mike and his friends (Parking)

Thanks also to Wendy Davis and Bret Paulk for "Props"


Chuck Albanese
Catherine Brown/Blue House Catering
Hal and Jeanie Byrd
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Cobb, Jr.
Gary Cretcher and Laura Lynders
Micheal Ewing
Jane Fletcher
FoR Fine Art Gallery
Melissa Fulton/Amerind
Paul Hopman
Houston's Horseback Riding
Steve Mawson
Fram Odom
Steve and Wendie Olshan
Shropshire Estate/Melanie David
Jim and Sandy Sheehan
Joy Timken
Whiskey Del Bac


When we cancelled our 2020BBQ, many of you
donated your ticket purchase or sponsorship instead
of taking a refund

Hugh and Jane Fletcher
Melissa Fulton
David and Leslie Gardner*
Aline Goodman
Ron Gilson and Mark huner
Kelly Holt
Paul and Pam Hopman
Eric Kahldahl
Rick and Pam Kelty
Lawrence Lee and Beth Valenzuela**
Darcie Peet
Jim and Sandy Sheehan
Carol Swinney*
Bob and Addie Valentine

*Carry Sponsorship over to 2021
**Donated both ticket purchase and sponsorship

Extra Credit / Bonus Thanks!

FWA Artist Member Paul Hopman was at our BBQ with his wife Pam last Saturday. Like the rest of us, they came to enjoy the food and music and to visit with FWA friends. Paul is a scratchboard artist, and he also wanted to be available in the garage to promote the scratchboard lessons package he had donated to our silent auction.

In walked Laura Davis with her nephew Cinco and niece Jae. Cinco checked out an example of Paul’s work and started asking lots of questions. Before Laura and her family left for the evening, Paul gave him one of his scratchboard kits, including an instructional video. Fast forward 24 hours and Cinco had made his first scratchboard art creation, a sleeping fox, (See photo below).

This is what FWA is all about: Keeping Western art alive by inspiring young artists. Thank you, Paul for taking the time with Cinco and giving him the kit to get started. Cinco says: “Thank you Mr. Hopman for giving me a chance to experience your scratchboard kit! I loved watching the videos and making scratchboard art! I am hoping to make a Kachina next!”