Artist Spotlight Chair Laura Davis presents $50,000 allocation to
Patronato San Xavier’s President Barbara Peck



Friends of Western Art held a live auction of original art on Saturday, October 12, 2019, at the Mountain Oyster Club. The event: “San Xavier Inspired: An Art Auction to Promote and Preserve” raised $50,000.

Your interest, active participation and generosity made this an exciting, fun and successful event. The contribution of 25 original pieces of art by our artists, the purchases by our auction bidders and attendees and the services provided by our volunteers and “In Kind” sponsors, plus a last minute $500 cash donation by an anonymous member, helped us raise $50,000. This amount will be donated to Patronato San Xavier, a non-profit, non-sectarian organization, to support their mission to promote the conservation, preservation and maintenance of Mission San Xavier del Bac, our region’s oldest National Historic Landmark.

Special Thanks to our contributing artists for donating the works of art that were the core of this event:

Chuck Albanese
Patti Andre
Santos Barbosa
Jackson Boelts
Stephanie Campos
Judy Choate
Pat Doughty
Michael Ewing
Judy Flynn
Barbara Gurwitz
Fred Hambly
Paul Hopman
Richard Iams

Susan Imwalle
Lawrence Lee
Patty Mathes
Buck McCain
Darcie Peet
Allen Polt
Karryl Salit
Barry Sapp
John Schaefer
Brenda Semanick (deceased)
Carol Swinney
Rob Waters

Thanks also to our Auction Committee and volunteers, plus a big shout to Laura Davis for heading the Auction Committee, wrangling the artists and making this event a great success!


Laura Davis, Chair
Kimberly Ely
Beth Fulfer
Amy Merkel
Barbara Peck
Jim Sheehan


Miles Green
Kelly Holt
Squirrel Lovelady
Donna McCain
SaraBeth Roberson


Paul Ramirez & Family, Auctioneers
Corky Collins, Auctioneer
Arizona Lithographers



Creativity Started at the Mission’s Bell Tower.

Utilizing Mission San Xavier del Bac as their muse, these artists are donating their Mission-inspired pieces to FWA’s Artist Spotlight/Live Art Auction event.

The featured art was presented at the October 12, 2019 event at the Mountain Oyster Club, with a live auction called by award-winning auctioneer Paul Ramirez.

Not pictured: Susie Imwalle, Chuck Albanese, Rob Waters, Barbara Gurwitz, Michael Ewing, Allen Polt, John Schaefer, Brenda Semanick, and Pat Doughty

Fred Hambly, Karryl Salit, Patti Andre, Stephanie Campos, Paul Hopman, and Carol Swinney

Jackson Boelts, Santos Barbosa, Judy Choate, Judy Flynn, and Barry Sapp

Featured Auction Items (Click on image for more artist info)

Chuck Albanese
‘Our Proud Mission’ 18”x 20” oil

Patti Andre
'Arches of San Xavier Mission’ 16x12 oil

Jackson Boelts
'View from San Xavier Tower'
22x30 watercolor

Santos Barbosa
'Villagers Celebrating
8x12 acrylic on board

Stephanie Campos
''Tohono O'odham’
14x10 charcoal

Judy Choate
'White Dove Mountains’
16x20 acrylic

Michael Ewing
'A Prayer for San Xavier' 14x11 oil

Barbara Gurwitz
'Our Lady of Guadalupe’
14x11 acrylic and gold leaf

Paul Hopman
'Mission in Moonlight'
16 x 20 scratch board

Lawrence Lee
'White Dove’
48x60 acrylic on canvas

Patty Mathes
'San Xavier Blessings’
24x20 acrylic

Buck McCain
'White Dove of the Desert'
11x14 oil

Darcie Peet
'Sundown Over the
White Dove-San Xavier' 10x12 oil

Dr. John Schaefer
'San Xavier Facade' 11 x 14
photograph taken in 1977

Barry Sapp
'Morning Delivery’
18x14 watercolor

Carol Swinney
'White Dove of the Desert’
8x12 oil