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FWA Presents “A Tribute to Bill Moomey” January 11, 2022   Click Here to View the Tribute

After Bill passed away on December 28, 2021, FWA presented “A Tribute to Bill Moomey” video as part of its January 2022 programming.  The video is a moving and funny tribute to Bill’s extraordinary 95-year life as an artist and a man.

“FWA IN THE STUDIO” featuring Bill Moomey     Click HERE to view 1 or All 7 video interviews

We were pleased with the positive response to our first and second “FWA IN THE STUDIO” videos featuring FWA Artist Members Michael Ewing and Lawrence Lee.  As we continued with the project, FWA Artist Member Bill Moomey graciously agreed to be our third interviewee, and invited us into his Vail studio during Spring 2021. For those not acquainted with Bill, his biography appears to the right.


More About Bill Moomey…

Bill Moomey

Bill Moomey was born and raised in York, Nebraska, during the infamous Dust Bowl.  There he started in high school sports before excelling in track and football at the University of Nebraska. Moomey was honored as “Athlete of the Century” at the York Centennial Celebration.

During his high school years, Moomey met Terrance Duren, a well-known New York illustrator who offered to teach him the fundamentals of painting.  When one of Moomey’s early paintings won first place in a Scholastic Magazine competition and was exhibited in the Library of Congress, before being sold, Moomey vowed to make art his vocation.

Moomey’s path to success has taken him many places. He was an award-winning designer, wildlife film producer, big band singer, hall of fame athlete, big game hunter, breeder of world champion quarter horses, and rodeo champion. He taught painting and design at the University of Nebraska and at the University of Colorado, and was Director of the Denver Art Academy.

Moomey worked in a style ranging from realism to contemporary impressionism, letting the subject determine the style. He stated, “the more intense the subject becomes, the bigger the brushes and the broader the strokes.” Until his passing during December 2021, Bill painted and produced monumental bronzes at his X9 Ranch Studio in Vail, Arizona.