"First Tuesday" and "FWA in the Studio" Webinar Series

"First Tuesday" and "FWA in the Studio" Webinar Series

FWA Continues to Create "First Tuesday" and "FWA in the Studio" Webinar Series and Videos

The “FWA in the Studio” interviews originally started as a low key effort to provide:

  1. An intimate insight to FWA artist members
  2. Provide the artists an opportunity to showcase their work
  3. Document FWA artist’s stories during the Corona-virus time.

Now, this project has evolved into capturing oral histories of our FWA Artists that are being used experimentally by teachers to share the artists’ journeys and to teach Western Art in the classroom. We are also pleased to include our webinar presentations. Plus, we have expanded the library to include our FWA “First Tuesday” presentations beginning in Fall 2021.

FWA In The Studio

FWA “First Tuesday” Releases…

Buck McCain


Click Here to View 3.7.23 FWA Lecture Featuring Buck McCain

John Fawcett
Watercolor & Oil

John Fawcett Painting | “Wagon Boss” oil (framed 17×15″) | Cowboy on Horse

Click Here to View 11.17.22 FWA Lecture Featuring John Fawcett

Carolyn O'Bagy Davis
Hopi Quilts

Hopi Butterfly Maiden quilted by Bonnie Nampeyo

Click Here to View 1.10.23 FWA Lecture Featuring Carolyn Davis

Christine Logan
"AZ Turquoise”

The Turquoise Mines of Arizona and the Art They Inspire |  Examples of Turquoise jewelry from the Arizona Mines

Click Here to View 2.7.23 First Tuesday Featuring Christine