Event or Workshop Application

Scholarship Requirements

  • Scholarships Awards are limited to two (to the same person) and they may not be in consecutive years.
  • FWA scholarships fund only the cost of attendance to the workshop/event and any applicable model fees.
  • Applications are accepted by FWA from September 1 through May 15. Applications must be received by FWA at least 45 days prior to the date of the event.

After the workshop/event, you must:

  • Verify your attendance at the workshop/event. This may be a photo of you with the instructor/artist, a self-created sign-off sheet on which the instructor will verify your participation, etc.*
  • Submit several photos of your work created during the workshop/event.
  • Submit document ion that you attempted to participate in at least one western art show during the year of the award.

*Documentation must be provided to FWA within two weeks of the workshop/event.

Please fill out the form to the right to apply

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    Have you received financial assistance from FWA in the past?:


    If yes, what year and for what purpose?

    Describe your art experience (Instructions, workshops, exhibitions, etc.)

    In what way will the assistance further your art aspirations?:

    Please provide:

    a. 2 references:

    b. A brochure or flyer that explains the details of the workshop/event
    (a link to the web page is acceptable):

    (Brochure or flyer)

    Photographs of 8-10 different works of your art:

    I have read the requirements of the scholarship award, completed the application and, to the best of my knowledge, guarantee its accuracy and will comply with the requirements as stated.