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The mission of the Friends of Western Art is to expand appreciation and knowledge of Western Art through education. It is a natural fit for the Friends of Western Art to grant funding for youth art programs. FWA Board grants yearly support for scholarships and school art supply money connected with western art projects.

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We’ve been asked, “What are the subjects that you consider to be Western or Southwestern art?”  The following is a list of subject matter along with resources that may be helpful:

Missions, ranch houses, mountain cabins, old buildings, farms, barns, adobe buildings, saloons, ghost towns, old Tucson Tile roofs, old gates and doors, rail fences, old walls, patios, corrals, bridges, old mine frames, windmills, arches, mail boxes, wells

Fountains, arbors, gates, pathways, walkways, garden walls, fences, umbrellas, wagons, carts
Flowers, flower pots, bougainvillea, holly hocks, cacti

Desert flowers, cactus flowers, saguaro, ocotillo, agave, yucca, cottonwoods, aspen, pines, palo verde, mesquite forests, chaparral Mountains, streams, rock formations, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Monument Valley, desert roads, sunsets, clouds, trains, railroad tracks, Sedona’s red cliffs

Roadrunner, quail, wild turkey, buzzard, hawk, woodpecker, dove, cactus wren

Buffalo, gila monster, mule, burro, antelope, cougar, deer, elk, jack rabbit, coyote, bob cat, badger, rattlesnake, cow, horse, desert fox, javelina, rooster

Cowboy, cowgirl, Indian, Indian dancer, children in western dress


Rodeo, rodeo parade, round-up, branding, calf roping, mercado, fiesta, Indian event

Wagons, stage coaches, horse-drawn carriages

Sonora Desert Museum, Sabino Canyon, Tumacacori Mission, San Xavier Mission, Tucson barrio, Sonoita, Patagonia, Picacho Peak, Tohono Chul Park, Tombstone, Catalina State Park, Railroad Museum, Arizona Historical Museum, old photos, Indian ruins, Mt. Lemmon



Could you use more art supplies for your students?

Friends of Western Art offers up to $400 of art supply funds for programs that teach western art. Today’s western art embraces a variety of subject matter. Successful applicants will receive a supply account at Sarnoff Artist Supplies in Tucson (can be purchased on-line and shipped to outlying areas). Supplies are for Western art projects only. Applying is simple:

Click HERE to fill out the Teacher Art Supply Grant Application


Educational Assistance For Southern Arizonans (South of Gila River)

  • Mentoring and guidance by local artists and teachers for growing artists.
  • Individual scholarships for academic institutions, art workshops, etc.
  • Financial assistance for individuals or groups.

*Please be advised there are three types of scholarships awarded by the FWA. Those for college or university students, those for an individual’s attendance at specific workshops/events and those for organizations.

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Harley Brown Workshop

Honoring Tucson artist Harley Brown, the Friends of Western Art will present scholarships in his name to students from Southern Arizona to attend the workshops or classes.

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Tucson Festival of Books

The two-day Tucson Festival of Books attracts more than 130,000 book-lovers to the UA Mall and nearby venues for exhibits, presentations and panel discussions.

Promoting the Awareness of Art of the American West

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