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Stephanie Campos

Artist Spotlight: Stephanie Campos black and white headshot

Tucson native, Stephanie Campos began her love for drawing at a young age. During an art project in kindergarten, her teacher called her parents to inform them she was an artist. That led to art supplies and encouragement. At age 13, she created her first realistic portrait and found her passion in drawing the human face.

Through years of exploring various media; pastel, oil, charcoal, and acrylic, charcoal became her preferred choice for its contrasting range of light and dark tones.

“I love studying the face. There is information to be gathered there, especially from the eyes and also the mouth. An endless variety of differences and similarities distinguish the features between individuals. Personality, mood, and emotion also add to the varying degrees of facial expression. It is like an exciting new adventure when I draw a portrait.”

Stephanie Campos
''Tohono O'odham’
14x10 charcoal

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