Artist Spotlight

Paul Hopman

Paul Hopman holding his artwork of a horse smiling at camera'

Paul states: “The moment my passion for the art started to form was the moment my father asked if I would rather attend a traditional college or art school. Soon after, I enrolled at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL. My time is art school included only 20 days learning scratchboard. The next 39 years followed with a career in the art and printing trades while producing scratchboard art in my free time for friends and family.

After retiring from the printing business in 2008, I was able to dedicate more time to scratchboard and began attending art shows across the country. Today, I attend an average of 20 shows per year, mostly in the southwest.

One of the things I love most about scratchboard its long history and seemingly simple technique. Scratchboard started as petroglyphs, in which a hard stone was used to make indentations to a soft stone, which are then backfilled with soil minerals. Although the tools and materials used in scratchboard today have evolved, the premise as not.

My inspiration comes from witnessing animals in moments. The light reflecting in the fixed gaze of a horse, the pose of a lioness as she lays beside her cubs, the heated breath of a bison on a brisk morning. These moments are filled with energy and emotion, making them beautiful and unique.

I am an award-winning, International Scratch Board artist. My experience has to lead me to create illustrations for wedding gifts, personal commissions, art shows, and gallery exhibitions. My efforts are to share the knowledge and resources I have fortunate to accomplish and pass them along to you. That is why we created Scratch Board University.

Scratch Board University is an educational platform, producing instructional videos that demonstrate the methods, techniques, and materials to create your own personal art collection.

Paul Hopman
'Mission in Moonlight'
16 x 20 scratch board

Self-expression is how our community knows us. With a small number of supplies and easily understood guidance, you also get to know your creative self.”

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