Artist Spotlight

Lawrence Lee

Artist Spotlight: Lawrence Lee

Best known for his iconic shamanistic images, Lawrence W. Lee has been a professional artist for over forty years. His work is in thousands of private collections around the world as well as in the permanent collections of noted corporations and museums. Born in 1947, he has lived in Tucson, Arizona for much of his life, though he has also lived in the Guatemalan highlands and on a Caribbean island. He has written several books and has had poetry published in both national and international journals. In 2016 he collaborated with Ballet Tucson to create “Spirit Garden,” based on the traditions of Dia de Los Muertos.

Lawrence Lee
'White Dove’
48x60 acrylic on canvas

Since returning to studio work after a brief retirement, he has begun to mix fearlessness with experience in an attempt to imbue his figures with yet more power, and– after a hiatus of some forty years–he has again started to paint strikingly unique landscapes, abstracts, and non-objective works.

Regarding our October 12th live auction, Lawrence states: “I was inspired to paint the Mission this way because of the tour we artists were given, when I learned that the Mission faces south in welcome to the many weary travelers arriving from that direction. It is my estimation of what they might have seen on some stormy August afternoon in 1800 or so.”

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