Artist Spotlight

Dr. John Schaefer

Artist Spotlight: Dr. John Schaefer with old camera taking photograph

John Schaefer: Dr. Schaefer is President Emeritus of the University of Arizona, where he had an active, 21-year career in teaching and research. A conservationist and avid birdwatcher, he helped organize the Tucson Audobon Society and founded the Nature Conservancy in Arizona. In addition to his academic and conservation work, Dr. Schaefer enjoys a reputation as a skilled photographer. He and Ansel Adams founded the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona in 1975. He is a past board member and current associate member of the Patronato San Xavier, and has photographed the Mission hundreds of times. 

Dr. John Schaefer
'San Xavier Facade' 11 x 14
photograph taken in 1977

Dr. Schaefer is also an amateur astronomer, a classical music lover, collector of southwestern art, and father of two wonderful daughters.

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