Annual Art Exhibition With Amerind 2022-2023

Annual Art Exhibition 2022-2023

Melvin C. Warren “Up the Goodnight Trail,” 1964.

Since our funding assistance with Amerind Museum’s Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery revitalization project, FWA has partnered with Amerind to curate and sponsor an annual exhibition in Amerind’s Friends of Western Art Gallery.

Friends of Western Art and Amerind’s ninth joint exhibit, “Livestock at Home & on the Range”, is on display November 12, 2022 through May 28, 2023.

Livestock has shaped every aspect of life in the American West. The management, care, and feeding of livestock influenced land ownership, law, water rights, town locations, railroad destinations, architecture, and jobs. In caring for these magnificent animals, families have dedicated generations to their husbandry. Livestock are embedded in the lives of many communities.

The artists of the American West have always found livestock, their caretakers, and ranches to be a source of inspiration. This exhibition includes over twenty artists who have captured livestock buildings and these essential animals in action and repose.

In addition to Amerind artworks from the permanent collection, this show contains breathtaking pieces from private collections that cannot be seen anywhere but here. This exhibition is a joint venture between the Amerind and Friends of Western Art (FWA).

“LIVESTOCK AT HOME & ON THE RANGE” was jointly curated by FWA’s Wendy Davis, Beth Fulfer, Helen Sanders, and Barbara Peck. Amerind curators Eric Kaldahl and Maria Martinez rounded out the curatorial team.

The exhibit is on display from November 12, 2022 to May 28, 2023 in the FWA Gallery at The Amerind in Dragoon, Arizona. Visit or phone 520-586-3666 for operating hours, directions, and other details.

The artists in the exhibit include:
Suzanne Baker
Santos Barbosa
Arthur C. Begay
Harrison Begay
Deborah Copenhaver Fellows
Don Crowley
Valoy Eaton
Michael Ewing
Daro Flood
Jon Gerik
Linda Loeschen
George Magnan
Erika Marquez
William Matthews
Chuck Mauldin
Joe Orr
Francisco Rodriguez-Maruca
James Reynolds
Owen Rose
Bob Scriver
Robert “Shoefly” Shufelt
Phil Starke
Andrew Van Tsinajinnie
Bernard Vetter
Melvin Warren

We want to especially thank the lenders to this year’s exhibition:
Betsy Greene
Diane Maroscia
Amy and Marc Merkel
Bret Paulk
Barbara and Hank Peck
Cindy and Tad Piper
SaraBeth Roberson
Helen Sanders
Addie and Bob Valentine

Thanks to the Curatorial Team:
Wendy Davis (FWA), Eric Kaldahl (Amerind), Maria Martinez (Amerind), Beth Fulfer (FWA), Barbara Peck (FWA), and Helen Sanders (FWA).

FWA Gallery, Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery
Amerind Museum, 2100 N. Amerind Rd., Dragoon, AZ  85609