Annual Art Exhibition 2021-2022

Annual Art Exhibition 2021-2022

Since our funding assistance with Amerind Museum’s Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery revitalization project, FWA has partnered with Amerind to curate and sponsor an annual exhibition in Amerind’s Friends of Western Art Gallery.

Friends of Western Art and Amerind’s eighth joint exhibit, “The Horse“, is on display November 1, 2021 through late May 2022.

The horse is a transformative figure in the American West. They are embedded in the lives and families of many communities. Their power, grace, and personalities have inspired artists from all walks of life. As faithful friends and companions, horses and their people are part of our region’s history and our lives today. This exhibition includes over twenty artists who have captured these amazing creatures in action and repose. In addition to Amerind artworks from the permanent collection, this show contains breathtaking pieces from private collections that cannot be seen anywhere but here. This exhibition is a joint venture between the Amerind Foundation and Friends of Western Art (FWA), a nonprofit organization whose members support awareness of and promote Western Art.

The exhibit is on display from November 1,2021 to May 29, 2022 in the FWA Gallery at The Amerind in Dragoon, Arizona. Visit or phone 520-586-3666 for operating hours, directions, and other details.

The artists in the exhibit include:

Bill Anton
Santos Barbosa
Phil Beck
Arthur C. Begay
Harrison Begay
Teal Blake
J.M. Brodrick
Gary Carter
William Ersland
John Fawcett
R.L. Harvey
Fred Hambly
Harper Henry

Morgan Irons
Micaela Jones
Michelle Kondos
Susan Laws
William R. Leigh
Howard Post
Grant Redden
Frederick Remington
Max Schweitzer
Robert “Shoefly” Shufelt
Buck Taylor
Don Weller
Olaf Wieghorst

We want to especially thank the lenders to this year’s exhibition:

Michael Fassett and Agustin Flores
James and Louise Glaser
Pam and Rick Kelty
Alex and Stephanie Lee
Cindy and Tad Piper
SaraBeth Roberson
Jodi B. and John H. Sundt

Thanks to the Curatorial Team:

Wendy Davis (FWA), Eric Kaldahl (Amerind), Maria Martinez (Amerind), Barbara Peck (FWA), and Helen Sanders (FWA)FWA Gallery, Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery

Amerind Museum
2100 N. Amerind Rd., Dragoon, AZ 85609