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About FWA

What is "Art of the American West?"

Western Art is much more than Cowboy and Indian paintings. Besides these two mainstays, the subjects can be horse and livestock, portraits, landscapes, architecture, wildlife - including birds and reptiles - or depictions of the Southwest's diverse history and cultural heritage. The medium goes beyond canvas too, to include photographs and bronze statuary as well as Native American textiles, baskets, pottery, carvings and finely-crafted jewelry. One thing is certain: Western Art - in all its forms - tells the story of our vibrant Southwestern environment.

About the Friends of Western Art

In 1981, a group of Tucsonans, who shared an excitement about the depth and diversity of the Art of the American West, formed Friends of Western Art (FWA), a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. In the 42 years since its inception, FWA has sponsored a legacy of artists and events that has enriched and informed members and the general public about the significance of Western Art.

Mission Statement

Friends of Western Art promotes awareness of the art of the American West by providing sponsorship and support to Western artists, artisans, educational programs, and art-related organizations in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Community Contributions

Over the past 19 years, FWA has raised and donated over $675,000 to support our mission.

Major categories of funding include:

Teacher/School Art Supply Grants and Scholarships

Amerind Museum

Tucson Museum of Art

Patronato San Xavier

Art Conservation, Preservation and Restoration

Public Art Grants and Commissions 

How to Get Involved

We are a focused, energetic, and fun group. Members enjoy the camaraderie of fellow FWA members in a variety of activities that promote Western Art. There are trips to museums, art auctions, educational programs, monthly dinners and our annual FWA Members Western BBQ. Our popular "First Tuesday" lecture series features acclaimed artists, artisans, and experts. Their lively and informative presentations are held at Tucson's historic Mountain Oyster Club. FWA members have monthly access to this exclusive Tucson landmark and its extensive collection of Western Art. They may also enjoy dinner from the club's renowned kitchen.

Join the Friends of Western Art

The programs change, but the theme remains the same. Western Art is a journey that describes art through time. As a member, you will help shape and influence the contemporary rendition of Western Art for future generations. We hope that you will consider joining and be a part of the future of Western Art.

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Promoting the Awareness of Art of the American West

Do you have an affinity and love for western art?
Why not partner with the Friends of Western Art by donating to our organization. Help us bring awareness
to this style of creativity and continue to encourage others through our grants and scholarships.

FWA Board of Directors



Mary Barbosa

Laura Brown

Michael Ewing

Jane Fletcher

Betsy Greene

Becky Rebenstorf

Cynthia Cobb

Director Emeritus

FWA Advisory Board

Jodi Bain-Sundt

Don Butler

Cindy Clayberg

Beth Fulfer

Paul Hopman

John Lacy

Lloyd Sharp

Jim Sheehan

Charlie Silverson

Addie Valentine