Friends of Western Art

Who We Are.

Featured auction item at the 2014 Artist of the Year eventby Deborah Copenhaver-Fellows:
“A Little Border Issue”

Size: 22.5″H x 36″L

About the Friends of Western Art

Incorporated in 1981 as an Arizona 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, FWA is dedicated to supporting awareness of and promoting Western Art in Tucson and Southern Arizona and raising funds for education and various projects through activities such as the annual Artist of the Year Dinner, “First Tuesday” events and other activities.

Mission Statement

Friends of Western Art promotes awareness of the art of the American West. We do this through underwriting and educational programs and providing support to both established and emerging western artists and artisans in Tucson an Southern Arizona. Friends of Western Art was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1981.


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Promoting the Awareness of Art of the American West

Do have an affinity and love for western art?
Why not partner with the Friends of Western Art by donating to our organization. Help us bring awareness
to this style of creativity and continue to encourage others through our grants and scholarships.

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FWA Board of Directors


John K. Goodman
Chairman Emeritus
Michael Ewing
Jim Sheehan
First Vice President
Charlie Silverson
Second Vice President
Beth Fulfer
Addie Valentine
Corresponding Secretary


Catherine Baron
Liz Bracken
Hal Byrd
Laura Davis
Melissa Fulton
Donna Iams
Chris Mooney
Mary Parnell
Gayle Povis
Lloyd Sharp
Cynthia Cobb
Director Emeritus
Aline Goodman
Director Emeritus

FWA Advisory Board


Cindy Clayberg
John Davis
Neil Opsal
Barbara Peck